Appetizer From Kitchen

1. Age Dashi Tofu
Fried bean curd served with bonito flakes and tempura sauce
2. Beef Sashimi
Seared outside, thinly sliced with ponzu sauce
3. Chicken Kara Age
Japanese style, deep fried chicken
4. Edamame
Steamed soy bean
5. Harumaki
Japanese pork and vegetable spring roll
6. Hamachi Kama
Broiled yellowtail jaw with ponzu sauce on the side
7. Ika Kara Age
Japanese style deep fried squid
8. Shumai
Steamed shrimp or wasabi dumpling
9. Surume-Ika
Grilled squid with ginger sauce
10. Soft Shell Crab
Japanese style deep fried soft shell crab
11. Tempura
Lightly Battered deep fried shrimp and vegetable
12. Gyoza
Japanese Style Pork and Vegetable Dumpling